Below you will find our growing list of content creators and streamers. You'll find these members of Blackout Gaming playing games together and streaming on their individual channels all linked below their profile!
You can see who's currently live here: Stream Team Page
To apply to join our Stream Team, please drop Lindi a message on Discord! 

Meet The Team!



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Warcraft diehard, but dabbles in shooters from time to time. Lindi runs our FPS Friday Lobbies and curates our team of Streamers. Although, you're likely to find him dancing on the Orgrimmar Auction House mailbox!


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Blood, sweat and beards, Shepp is your one-stop shop for all things FPS, although a natural born competitor you will find him in all kinds of different worlds!


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Young, Welsh and explosive, BoomByron makes his way around every game! From shooters to flying cars, yes literal flying cars! This tryhard makes sure to end every game with a BANG!


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Forever changing with no two streams the same, Ginny's a variety streamer who really does do everything; mainstream, indie and horror games as well as social and creative streams. For those who enjoy a varied watch, Ginny and her community are ready to welcome you!

Big Phil

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FIFA whizz who only sometimes chokes, Phil is the resident Scot, who's loud and proud of his home. Always on the move, sometimes he's running across the pitch, other times it's through de_mirage beaning heads.


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An Elder Scrolls Online poster boy but enjoys getting all his community involved. LEDGERSXD mainly streams content from MMORPG games but enjoys his hosted community nights where the audience can get involved. If you enjoy chilled out, interactive streams then LEDGERSXD is waiting for you to say hi!
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